These free range, slow-grown turkeys are from The Inkpot farm owned by permaculture farmer Hannah Thorogood. 


Are they organic? As good as, Inkpot Farm is in its 2nd year of official conversion to organic and the turkeys are fed organic feed. Their turkeys have been certified as organic for 2019 by the Biodynamic Association.


Hannah has set up and runs her own 18 acre permaculture demonstration farm, The Inkpot. Hannah has taken the farm from a depleted, compacted, toxic arable field into the diverse, abundant farm it is today demonstrating permaculture, regenerative agriculture and producing nationally award-winning food.


Hannah only produces 100 turkeys per year. They are completely free range, slowly grown and fed on a completely natural diet. These turkeys are as natural as it gets. 


We have 30 available but once they're gone they're gone!

Great Taste Award Winning Slowly Grown Turkeys. Starting from...

  • Sizes will vary. 

    4 - 5kg - Serves 10 - 12

    5 - 6kg - Serves 12 - 14

    6 - 7kg - Serves 14 - 16

    7 - 8kg - Serves 16 -18