Farshad Kazemian (FASH)

Richard Douglas -

Working in the meat trade since he was 13, Richard regularly supplies top chefs such as Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsey,  James Martin and TV shows such as MasterChef, Saturday Kitchen and the F-Word. His great taste sausages and burgers have been nationally recognized,  praised and awarded.  at the National Meat Products award this year he won the the category prize for The Best Innovative Butcher and also Sausage Maker. he is also winners of the "Best Beef Burger" Award for his Chilli Beef Burger. Richard is a highly experienced master butcher and over the years has managed and run some of the best butcher shops in London. He also is the owner of an awarded local butcher shop in Sidcap where in Taste of Kent AWARDS 2016 he became the finalist .